The Twelve Shiny Nickels Show

A live standup comedy showcase in Huntington Beach, California every Friday and Saturday night.

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About Our Show

What Makes The Twelve Shiny Nickels Comedy Show Truly Unique

More Comics, Shorter Sets

Our show features 12 comedians in a row doing their best 5 minutes of material. No comedic filler, just one hour of A+ standup comedy material.

No Drink Or Food Minimum

Not only is there no purchase minimum at our comedy theater, but we even give you a free soda or water with purchase of any ticket. Comedy and free hydration. Go figure.

You Get Free Stuff

We do tons of free promos like Free T-Shirt, Free Minifigure, and Free Poster nights. You’ll leave with a belly full of laughs and an trunk-load of cool stuff.


Coming This Fall
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(949) 354-2704

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